Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Revisiting Yugma

While on a tech support call this morning, I started a Yugma session and had the teacher login to the session so I could help with the problem. It wasn't a major issue that warranted me driving 10 miles to the school, but I did need to see what she saw in order to fix it. I gave her control and watched as she tried to do what she needed to do and was able to remedy the issue right away.

Tools like this save lots of time and $$ if we only know they exist. Before my discovering Yugma I would have spent a few frustrating minutes on the phone while the person tried to explain what was happening. Or they would have grown frustrated with me as I tried to explain what to do without seeing exactly what they were doing. With just a few clicks we're connected and can remedy simple distress calls in no time.

I haven't played with Yugma that much in a while. I had basically just used it for demos and tech support, so I was surprised by the features I found in the free version.

1) People can view your desktop as well as allowing you to pass the presentation along to another person so you can view their computer. The paid version allows them to take over your desktop.

2) There is a public and private chat.

3) My favorite feature is the annotation tool. You can draw lines, circle, highlight and write on the computer screen. You can set up a whiteboard for notes, take a snapshot of the screen and even record what you're doing.

All in all it's a nifty little site that can be a tremendous help. If you haven't seen Yugma in action, then check out this 3 minute video.


/Slash said...

Very cool. very useful. I just tried... and I like.

I also noticed this in their blog section. Good for bloggers to check out...

missing in action said...

i also love yugma! it's increased the amount of business i can do simply by cutting my travel time. i can also have my online meetings in an effective way!

Connie with Yugma said...


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