Monday, July 30, 2007

Webcast Academy

Exciting news! I've just started my first week as in the webcast academy. I'm learning how to create a broadcast like the one found at

If you've never checked out this site, it's a must for teachers. There is great information regarding the use of technology in the classroom and the latest web 2.0 tools.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Looking for Extra $$ This Summer?

The summer months can mean a long "dry spell" for teachers with regards to receiving a paycheck. There are many summer jobs out there. I wanted to share a site that I've used to allow me to make money all during the year while working at home. It's a freelance site. There are many similar sites out there, but the process here has been outstanding.

The site is Professionals can set up a profile which allows them to bid on various projects posted by various employers. If an employer accepts your bid then the professional begins to work for the employer based upon the terms agreed upon.

Guru has an all inclusive site. There is a shared workspace, a feedback mechanism, a way to send invoices to the employer, and a place for payment. Guru does take a small percentage of what the employer pays the professional, but it is insignificant compared to the benefits of the service.

There is a basic service level that allows limited access and I would highly recommend using that to thoroughly go through the site. Once you are familiar with the site and are sure the process is for you then I would definitely recommend paying the membership fee.

I signed up for the guru paid membership. I ran across a project that requested a teacher's input and have started a lucrative relationship with a company that needed long term assistance. I've made my $$ back and then some.