Friday, June 16, 2006

Planning for a New Year

Once things finally close from this school year, it's time to look ahead to the next. The best way to plan for that new school year is to reflect upon what worked best/worst this past school year. To get started, break your role down into major chunks. Let's say you are a technology facilitator and manage a computer lab. Here are some topics to consider:

Management of students: behavior, movement, asking for assistance, saving work, following directions, using computers or peripherals in general

Management of computers: saving work, locking settings, navigating to folders, software, hardware, resources most/ least used, resources needed

Working with staff: planning, collaboration, training, sharing of student work, scheduling

Activities: what worked best/ worst, resources used, best websites, resources needed, were activities integrated, did I meet all curriculum goals

As you go through each topic, make sure you write down what you discover. These notes then become valuable planning tools for your new year.

Here are some web resources that can help you as you work through each topic:

Regional Educational Technology Consortiums -

Collaboration: IMPACT for Teachers-

Classroom Management in Computer Labs-

Managing Students With Computers-

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