Monday, June 18, 2007


With all of the sites focused on collaboration and document sharing it is only natural for a site like SlideShare to become a terrific tool.

SlideShare is currently a free site that allows users to house and share presentations. There is a maximum file size of 30 MB. It supports the following formats: Powerpoint, OpenOffice, Keynote and PDF presentations.

SlideShare currently does not allow shows to be private or to be restricted to certain users. Anything posted can be viewed by anyone. Viewers can add the site to favorites, give a slide show a zing and post comments.

Presentations found on SlideShare can be embeded into a blog or website using the code they provide. Creators may choose to allow others to use their slides by including the source code for downloading purposes.

As with most of the tools classified as Web 2.0, SlideShare features online communities and groups.

Best of all, there are some great presentations out there that are fun to view and just might teach you a thing or two.