Wednesday, February 02, 2005


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Tip of the Day
When integrating technology into your classroom I like to follow the K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple Silly) principle. Look at things you're already doing in your classroom and see where you can easily extend it with technology.

Today's Examples
1 - For the Kindergarten teacher
Locate or create a poster of a computer keyboard and laminate it. Place it in a location near where you do whole group time. As you introduce new letters to your students point out their location on the keyboard. This helps the students to know the letters are not in alphabetical order and helps them to find their home on the keyboard.

2- For teachers of older students
Reducing fraction self-checking activity
To do this activity students will needed to have completed problems where they reduce fractions to their lowest terms. You'll be setting up a spreadsheet (don't worry I'll give instructions) that will provide the correct answer when they type in the fraction in its original form. During the designated time the students will go to the computer(s) to enter their informatio and check their answers.

To set up the spreadsheet:
1. Open a blank Microsoft Excel workbook or other spreadsheet program
2. Click on the column A heading to highlight the entire column
3. Click Format--Cells
4. Make sure the Number tab has been selected
5. Click on Fraction
6. A Type box will appear
7. Select at least "Up to two digits" otherwise fraction like 1/10 will appear as zero
8. Click OK
9. Save the file to the desired location
10. Demonstrate and provide instructions for completing the activity

Happy Computing!