Friday, March 04, 2011

NCTIES 11 QR Codes

QR codes is a physical link to digital content

Students would write reviews about books and tie the information to a QR code. The QR code would be pasted on a page in the back of the book or put on a separate page.

Make a list of info and places for students to visit online have in a doc and have kids scan so they don't have type URL

The yellow arrow project

Scanvenger hunt with QR codes

Biz barcode for iPad
Click and hold on QR code then use software to decode code

Biz barcode has a QR code generator

Online generator - QR stuff
Can link QR code to message or text, link, contact info, email,

Interactive bulletin board add content to a paper bulletin board. Record content put online and use QR code as a way to add links and content

QR codes and flashcards
Set up front of flashcard and have students scan QR code to get answer

Self checking quiz. Have students take quiz and then post QR code as they turn in test to get answers to check

QR slam
Book review
Book annotations
Rewrite the ending to anything
Notes connection

Put QR code for key topics in books

"I live in the future, here's how it works"by Nick Bilton
Author has QR code at the beginning of each chapter to extend information

Create a comic strip. Instead of regular speech bubble use QR code for text.
Lesson plan- code outside your door to scan your code and see what your plans were for the day there for principal and parents or whoever

Student journal. Where students to thought process link to google doc with final project
Use color coded QR codes to set of activities and centers or just directions