Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flip Video Cameras in the Classroom

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I have to say, I do love my little Flip Video camera! I keep it with me all of the time. Because it's so simple and quick to operate I've been able to capture a few things I may have missed otherwise like:
- a flock of wild turkeys feeding in a field by the side of the road in the early morning hours
- a cool shot of a snapping turtle making its way across the road
- an owl sitting on a power line right after it flew up in front of me
- a great example of a teacher using a document camera during her language arts lesson
- my 9 year old singing his heart out to "Life is a Highway" while staring out the car window

More and more teachers are finding uses for the Flip Video as well. Because the cameras are simple to use and relatively inexpensive they make a great addition to any classroom. Here are a few ideas I found:
- Narrated field trips with students serving as guides
- Interviewing other students, staff or community members
- Digital storytelling projects
- Capturing science as it happens
- Demonstrating experiments
- Students sharing "their world"
- Taping presentations and reports

Administrators are also getting in the act. One of the coolest uses I've seen of the camera so far is from a principal in my district. She takes the Flip Video with her when she does her daily "walk throughs" (walking through the school to see what good things are happening). When she encounters noteworthy items, best practices, great student interaction, interesting uses of technology, etc., she whips out her Flip Video and captures the moment. She then shares that with her staff during faculty meetings and during their morning broadcast.

Taking a note from that administrator, I did my own walk through in one of our schools that is really beginning to excel in the use of technology. I was looking for teachers using technology. If I saw something good happening when I peeked in the door I went in the room and recorded a few seconds of video. That video was posted on the school's intranet under "Look Who Was Caught Using Technology Today". Corny-I know- but so far it's peeking interest.

So, what's your story with the Flip Video? How have you or someone you know used it in your school/classroom? Share what you've done. We're all looking for interesting ideas!


SeamanITS said...

We are using Flip Videos K-6. My teachers have done a few activities. Sixth grade has taped science experiments to post to the class website. First Grade has taped ABCs of Family. Kindergarten taped the Thanksgiving play for parents who could not attend. Another sixth grade class has taped a weekly broadcast with current events. I can see students pretending to be characters in a book and taping an interview.

CLong said...

We just purchased four flip recorders on our small campus and I'll be training our teachers how to incorporate them into their classrooms. Thanks for the ideas on your post.

CLong said...

Thanks for posting these great ideas. We have 4 flip cameras on our campus, and I'm conducting a training next Wed. on how to incorporate them into the classroom.

KZal said...

I was fortunate enough to be able to borrow a flip camera from our district's teacher resource center. I'm excited to begin using it in my classroom. My first goal is to use them for assessment purposes--taping children reading every few weeks, filling out self-assessment rubrics, evaluating their progress, etc. I also plan to document the work that they are doing with me. I am a pull-out reading teacher and I think this will be exactly what I need to share our work with the gen ed teachers, as well as the parents.

Happy Trails said...

Which Flip camera do you recommend?

jhendrick said...

Thank you for the ideas. I am going to be using them with my teachers as well! Although, the flip cameras are discontinued, there is still a lot of educational use.

jhendrick said...

Thank you for the ideas! I am going to be sharing them with some of my fellow teachers today. Although Flip Cameras are now discontinued, the educational use of these devices are endless. Thank you again!

Joan said...

Great ideas!
I am wondering.. are third grade students capable of editing and uploading their videos from the FlipCam, or is should I do this part on my own?